Client – How Would YOU Describe What We Do For You?

Posted: 26th Nov 2014

OK, I admit it. I should have done this before…by which I mean asking clients what was the ‘eureka moment’ when they realised what the real benefits were of our words4business / legalrss service would be for them.

So, I bit the bullet and asked a partner from a top 50 firm.

His reply was succinct, but telling.

He said, ‘I get a lot of marketing material explaining to me the benefits of what is on offer but not an explanation of how they are delivered and often that is because it is a means of someone else getting paid by my clients for work that I traditionally did or me having to increase my costs in the hope I get more work (but no guarantee)! Not in your case though as it is a simple cost saving device – we recognise the need to send out material, we spend a lot of time doing it, it is sporadic and ad hoc because no-one really likes to do it, it takes away from fee-earning time etc etc .’

He suggested modifying our usual statements (the first ones in each case) which are about the benefits, with with an explanation of the ‘how’ of those benefits are delivered (in italics)

We save a lot of money for law firms who create content internally or use marketing/PR consultants to write it. By providing you with affordable, publish ready articles (that you can adapt as you see fit) you will save time in writing the articles (and chasing people to write them)

We save a lot of time for hard-pressed in house marketing departments. By providing an easily adaptable template for putting the articles into a newsletter/blog your BD team can concentrate on more valuable aspects of their work.

We make our clients the ‘go to’ firms for timely, relevant and clear explanations of important developments in all areas of law. By providing regular adaptable updates that you can make your own.

Interestingly, his reply did not mention what we think is the biggest benefit of the LegalRSS service – the ability to share material fast and easily, keeping existing relationships living and winning business using networking principles…which tells its own story about our effectiveness in communicating that benefit!

Next time you think the benefit isn’t enough, a few short words about how it works may be the answer.