MyInfoNet Pricing & Features

Class-leading content management platform check1 check1  check1
Comprehensive online tutorials check1 check1 check1
Comprehensive image and article searching and editing  check1  check1 check1
Unlimited newsfeed creation and newsfeed sharing  check1  check1 check1
Use your own URL  check1  check1 check1
Searchable article library  check1  check1 check1
‘Print’ button on articles with your unique message  check1  check1 check1
Create unlimited content  check1  check1 check1
Add your brand to your content  check1  check1 check1
Add your own images without limit (searchable)  check1  check1 check1
Add unlimited files for download  check1  check1 check1
Instant e-newsletters with easy targeting  check1  check1 check1
Automated newsletter subscription management  check1  check1 check1
Comprehensive newsletter analytics  check1  check1 check1
Easily export articles  check1  check1 check1
Password protection option for your categories  check1  check1 check1
‘Intranet only’ content button  check1  check1 check1
Option to show source references on content items  check1 check1
‘Social sharing’ buttons  check1 check1
Social networking management (integrated with Buffer)  check1 check1
Unique searchable picture library provided (with tags)  check1 check1
Edit provided articles  check1 check1
Suppress provided articles (if applicable)  check1 check1
Editable ‘squeeze pages’  check1 check1
Social networking plus and resource building tool check1
Call-back feature check1
Co-brand e-newsletters check1
Automated editable e-newsletter subscriber segmentation check1
Create an icon-based home page on mobile websites check1
Co-brand mobile websites check1
Sophisticated multi-user system with audit trail  – OPTION check1
Training (screen sharing – 30 min sessions)  – 1 2
Mobile websites with automatedcontent management  – 1 50
Microsites managed from a single screen (more by arrangement)  – 1 12
Content sharing by item  –  – OPTION
Users 1 OPTION Unlimited